studio office


scandinavian styled office - on a budget

Here's my quick recipe for creating scandinavian style atmosphere:
1. Allow relaxed feeling
2. Apply space for casual discussion with airy layout, open office
3. Drop in elements of nature, wood, branches, plants, wall photomurals representing nature (woods or water)
4. Keep clean but strong colour pallette with black, white, neutrals, with some strong fresh accent colours
5. Add lots of light, preferably natural
6. Have Fun!
 For lounge,modular furnitures are pure fun. Lively branches are great for separating spaces, and create movement as people go by.

meeting room
In casual meeting room: stack pallets to create a sofa, big enough for lot's of people, to sit or to work with laptops. Or maybe to have a nap. Having another, conventional meeting room would suite for suits.

studio space
In studio space, allow large desks for brainstorming with a colleague and possibility to leave stuff on tables and shelves. Have free space for moving around for quick walk or standing to get brains moving.


Compact kitchen has a cosy feeling. Place kitchen in a place where everyone can have a break from their desks, but also meet and discuss openly without bothering others, still working. 

Ready to work in scandi-style?

Products: IKEA, Boskke, Martela, Smeg, Komar, Qualy, BoConcept